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Pages for Pizza 
Earn pizza* just by READING! 

Open to Jr. Kindergarten - 12th Grade


Print & Keep track on PAPER:  

Paper Reading Record

How it Works:

  • Keep track - We've made a handing Reading Record you can print!

  • Your child needs to live in Lake County,  or attend a Madison school,  Chester Area School, or Oldham-Ramona-Rutland School. Your child does not need to have a library card.

  • Start reading! Books, graphic novels, magazines, eBooks, audiobooks and newspapers all count!

  • Record your reading and earn points for pizza!

  • Every minute you read = 1 point.  

  • Every 1400 minutes of reading will earn you a free 14-inch single topping pizza from The Office

  • Bring your reading record & come to the Library and pick up your free 14-inch single topping pizza certificate to The Office

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