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Book Review: The Sun is Also a Star

Review by Anne Lehman

I was drawn to this book simply by the popularity of it and how BEAUTIFUL the cover is. In the Sun is Also a Star, there are two main characters; Natasha and Daniel, and they are both funny, flawed, and beautifully developed characters. Natasha is extremely pragmatic with a scientific mindset. Daniel is a hopeless romantic and a dreamer who is intensely passionate about poetry. Despite their diametric personalities, their chemistry is astounding. Their love story is anything but simple, and you will find yourself rooting for them until the very last page. Yoon intermixes their story with beautifully wrought and deeply considered musings on other characters, physics, history, betrayal and family. The different point of views really added depth to this story, showing how everyone and everything affects everyone. In doing so, she gave me one of my favorite quotes from the story: "And what about the lovers who spend hours staring into each other's eyes? Is it a display of trust? 'I will let you in close and trust you not to hurt me while I'm in this vulnerable position.' And if trust is one of the foundations of love, perhaps the staring is a way to build or reinforce it. Or maybe it's simpler than that. A simple search for connection To see. To be seen. " Yoon truly delves into the skepticism of love, and I have to admit even I’m skeptical of falling in love in one short day. But who knows? Anything is possible, right?


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