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Now Is the Time to Read When by Daniel H. Pink

Review by Casualene Meyer

How should you use the last five minutes of your work day? Try Daniel Pink’s suggestion:

Begin by taking two or three minutes to write down what you accomplished since the morning . . . Now use the other two or three minutes to lay out your plan for the following day. This will help close the door on today and energize you for tomorrow. Bonus: If you’ve got an extra minute left, send someone—anyone—a thank-you email. . . . gratitude is a powerful restorative.

That can-do counsel is one example of many ideas Pink shares in When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing (Riverhead Books, 2018).

When is more about time awareness than time management. Readable, factual, and useful, the book synthesizes a host of studies (Pink has 25 pages of references) and observations about time, offering useful insights and discrete, do-able actions that can help readers understand cycles and tendencies in how humans relate to time, and use time to their advantage--or at least be aware and prepared.

When waits for you on the new release shelves at the library, and I suggest you take the time to read it now. No worries that it will be due in 14 days; you’ll have it read by then.

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