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Program Policy

Program Mission

The Madison Public Library sponsors programs to further its mission as stated in the mission statement. Programs consistent with the Library’s purpose may include:

  • Those intended to educate and inform the public,

  • To promote community discussion, or

  • To present cultural events or entertainment.


Programs may be presented in cooperation with other agencies and institutions, as well as other public and private resources.

Program Parameters

The Madison Public Library sponsors programs of a noncommercial nature. 

  • Commercial enterprises that disseminate generic information pertaining to their enterprise but which may be used by the general public (e.g. a lawyer speaking on estate planning) may be considered as program subjects. 

  • Selling of products is discouraged at any Library-sponsored event. Exceptions may include an author signing/selling their work or a performer offering audio/video versions of their performances. 

In all instances, the library will take care to schedule speakers and information that show integrity, expertise, and a fact-based view of the topic.

Program Particulars



Library-sponsored programs that are scheduled for the physical facilities of the Madison Public Library are scheduled in the same manner as

scheduling by individuals and groups. Library needs will supersede public reservation of the facilities.


Library-sponsored programs may also be held outside the building in Library Park or in other local venues.


Light refreshments may be served following the program.


Library-sponsored events shall be publicized by library staff. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posters and flyers

  • Newspaper and radio announcements

  • Purchased advertising in newspaper and on radio

  • Library website listings

  • Handouts such as bookmarks


Admittance to all Madison Public Library-sponsored programs is open to the general public. Generally, the only charges applied to any program are for materials or instructional materials related to the program. 

Programs will be financed through budget, grants, gifts, and/or partnership(s) with other entities.

Contract for Public Program​

Reviewed and Adopted by the Madison Public Library Board of Trustees, October 2014

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