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Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, May, 2024

Test proctoring services can be provided by the Madison Public Library upon request. While this service is available to all patrons, the Library and its staff reserve the right to limit or deny this service.


The Library recognizes the following methods for receiving and/or administering tests:

  • U.S. mail service

  • Passwords delivered via email with tests taken online or delivered as printed attachments

  • Faxed tests

The Library will provide:

  1. Staff member(s) who are authorized to provide proctoring.

  2. Space for taking tests. However, there may not be a separate quiet area available at all times.

  3. The ability to mail, fax, or email a completed examination,

  4. The ability to complete most online testing.

The student will:

  1. Make all arrangements with the educational institution giving the test,

  2. Provide the information on the Library’s proctor form,

  3. Verify with Library staff that the requirements of the institution giving the examination can be met,

  4. Verify that the physical environment in the library is acceptable for test-taking,

  5. Contact the Library to make arrangements with the designated proctor at least 48 hours prior to taking the test. Proctoring hours will vary depending on the proctor’s work schedule.,

  6. Arrange for an accessible computer, if needed,

  7. Provide an appropriately sized, addressed envelope with sufficient postage to return written examinations to the instructor;

  8. Provide a fax number and/or email address for returning the examination. Unless instructed otherwise, the Library does not retain the original examination.

Test Proctoring Form

Test Proctoring Policy

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