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Meet the Librarians!

It's national book lovers day! To celebrate we decided to show off our favorite books!

Lisa's favorite is "The Illyrian Adventure" -"Don't judge a book by its cover!-I know the cover is drab but please don't judge! This was the story that convinced me I could live the nerd life and still dominate."

When I asked Nancy to pick a favorite she exclaimed, "just one?!" A couple of her favorites are "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" & "Madeline and the Bad Hat" Here's Nancy on our Japanese bench - "My favorite books all seem to have a strong female character beginning with Madeline when I was very young."

Here's Pat (if you see her make sure to wish her a happy birthday!) "This was the last book I read. The Gaines are a well rounded couple that are family focused and Christian based. They run a good business and work well together as a couple. After watching the show for a couple years it was fun to read where they started and how they have come about house flipping!"

Meet Mel and her favorite series: the Twilight Series! Since it's National Book Lovers day the librarians decided to show off their favorite books. "Read what grabs's the beginning. I wasn't a reader until after college and the Twilight series started it all!"

This is Joy! One of her favorites is "Goodnight Moon"... "Everything is better with a bedtime story."

I'm Anne! My favorite series is a magical one (quite literally): the Harry Potter series! "Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry, but why in earth should that mean it is not real?" Books, especially Harry Potter, have brought me laughter in the darkest of times, tears of both joy and sorrow, and have given me comfort and a sense of validation when I most needed it.


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