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Day 7: Snowman Bead Critter

Day 7 - Create your own Snowman Bead Critter!

Need help with the creating your own snowman bead critter?

 Check out this video for more in-depth instructions. 

Day 8: Star Weaving

Day 8 - Star Weaving

Need help with the star weaving?


Check out this video for more in-depth instructions. 

Learn More Databases

BookFlix Database: 

Click on the symbol to access a whole library of ebooks grouped on themes.  A talking book is paired with a non-fiction book.  New ideas and lot of fun in each pair!


Explora Database:

Click on the symbol for articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books about current events, people, places, animals, history and more.  Search topics included in the winter kits and more!

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